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While waiting for favourable winds at Deal in 1737 on his first trip to America, George Whitefield took lodgings in Deal (north of Dover) and took the opportunity to preach in the parish church at Shoulden.

Shoulden Church, Deal

The people buried at Whitefield’s Tottenham Court Road Chapel (with the exception of Augustus Toplady) were moved in 1898 to Chingford Mount Cemetery. The plots are in section G11 at the eastern end of the Cemetery. Walk through to the back gate, and turn right before the gate. There is a railed off path. Don’t go down this, you’ve gone too far. The plot is about 50 yards down. The top photo below is of a grave in this plot, so you know you’ve found the right place. The Kray twins are buried in this cemetery too!

Elizabeth Whitefield’s grave is unmarked. It is grave number 44522 or 40347 (they are next to each other). The white headstone in the photograph at the bottom is grave number 19651 and is the grave of Elijah (Jack) Gillham (1875–1927) and his daughter Cora Creina Gillham (1915–2001). In the picture at the bottom, imagine two sides of a rectangle with the visible graves as the other two sides. Elizabeth’s grave is at the corner nearest the camera. Perhaps someone should start a fund to place a memorial stone?

The inscription on her grave at Tottenham Court Road said:

In Memory
of M
aged 62
who after upwards of thirty years strong
and frequent manifestations of a Redeemer's
love, and as strong and frequent strugglings
with the buffettings of Satan, bodily sicknesses,
and the remains of indwelling Sin, finished
Her Course with Joy, Aug.
st 9th Anno Domini 1768.

Details of the removals and reinterrments can be found at:

Chingford Mount, Cemetary, London